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New Car Servicing

You don't have to get your car serviced at a dealership in order to maintain your new car warranty. Pro Repair Group provides log book servicing allowing you to maintain your new car warranty.

All log-book servicing is completed and signed off as per the manufacturer's specifications, in addition to our own safety checks. We will only ever use quality parts - parts that meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications.

Until recently many new car dealerships would lead their customers to believe that their new vehicle must be serviced only within the dealership to maintain its warranty. This is not correct.

The ACCC have recently taken action to stop this misleading activity, and have cleared up the facts - you DO have the right to shop around and choose your car service centre without affecting your right to a statutory new car warranty.


Auto Repair and Maintenance

What is a new car warranty?

All new factory vehicles are covered by a statutory warranty as demanded under consumer warranty laws. You don’t need to sign a warranty contract or pay extra for a statutory warranty – it exists, by law, without any of this. If any faults appear within the first few years of ownership and provided the vehicle has been properly used and maintained, the manufacturer is obliged to remedy or repair the fault at no cost to you.

How do I maintain my rights to a statutory warranty?

Under a motor vehicle statutory warranty, manufacturers are only entitled to insist that;

• Servicing is done according to the manufacturer’s documented specifications
• Servicing is done using appropriate quality parts where required.
• Servicing is carried out by qualified staff. Provided these conditions are met, regardless of where the car is serviced, the warranty will remain.

Does Pro Repair Group meet these Warranty requirements?

Qualified staff
All our mechanics are fully qualified and constantly keeping their skills sharp through constant industry certification.

Manufacturer’s specifications
Pro Repair Group will always service your car to the out-laid specifications of the manufacturer. Our consistently updated service programs ensure we have access to the latest service schedules for all popular makes and models.  

Quality parts 
Pro Repair Group will only ever use equipment which meets or exceeds the original manufacturers specifications. If a part is non-genuine, but is fully interchangeable and meets or exceeds the original equipment specifications, then it is deemed fit or appropriate for the purpose and it will not void the manufacturer’s warranty.
We are always happy to discuss your options when it comes to the parts we use.


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